Virtual Inspection of Assets

Virtual Inspection of Assets is a tool for appraising assets through a video call.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nationwide lockdowns, which have led to the disruption of many businesses that involve on-site interactions and inspections. Duff & Phelps carries out extensive fieldwork for site inspections, and to ensure unhindered site inspections even during the times of lockdown, we have launched a new virtual inspection capability for assets. This tool provides clients with an alternative to on-ground site inspection through our digital tools and connectivity platforms, aligned with our long-term strategy for digital transformation.

Our foremost focus is to provide a safe environment for our people and clients. We have aligned our business continuity plan (BCP) in many impacted regions with regional government guidelines and directives. Our BCP is designed to minimize disruptions and facilitate sustained provision of Duff & Phelps’ services to our clients.

What is Virtual Inspection of Assets?

Virtual Inspection of Assets is a tool where assets are appraised through a video call.

The main features of our tool are:

  • High security standards in compliance with existing policies and contractual provisions
  • Safe, licensed and certified business technologies
  • High definition audio and video recordings and certification of the carried-out activities
  • Safe data storage in compliance with data protection policies
  • Maintenance of professional standards which are guaranteed by training all involved parties

Duff & Phelps has invested in infrastructure to acquire premium licenses.  The virtual inspection is conducted using IT products like Smartphones and Tablet PCs, with high-level, end-to-end process security and data protection. It also has the feature to store the data (such as video and snapshots) and can be availed by the clients depending upon their requirements.


  • Minimize risk and protect individual safety
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Record and store virtual site inspection data
  • Save travel time and costs

Duff & Phelps is constantly searching for new technologies and smart solutions to offer its clients an increasingly efficient and innovative solutions in line with market requirements.

Virtual Inspection Process



  • Computer/mobile equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers
  • Internet connection (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line [ADSL], optic fiber, 4G)


  • Cisco Webex Meeting
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