Baseline Asset Inventory Services

We provide baseline inventory and tagging services that establish a quality foundation for tracking assets - not just for financial purposes, but also the operational objectives associated with Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

It is critically important to optimally manage tangible equipment assets within an organization. Once the initiative is taken to implement an asset management solution and a process is engineered, the next logical step is to create a comprehensive awareness of what you possess and utilize by taking inventory. 

Our dedicated team provides extensive project planning using Project Management Professional (PMP®) certified methodologies, customized data collection technology, and quality control procedures. We deliver baseline asset inventory projects in a concise timeframe with minimal disruption to your operations environment. These services support clients’ ITAM and EAM objectives to streamline efficiencies for uptime, maintenance, repair, energy management, security, capital budgeting, capital forecasting, investment recovery, and other operational decisions regarding physical assets.

Our professionals operate from offices all over the world. Each year, we provide baseline asset inventory services for organizations in virtually every industry, but with extensive breadth and depth for manufacturers, healthcare systems, technology companies and retail operations.

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